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Security and Data Protection   

When we started our careers at Large financial institutions, security was pretty straight forward; Guns, Guards and Gates as we called it.  In fact, in the early days, guards were optional and guns were  never seen, secure door poppers protected our data centers.  Even our 56K WAN links, used for Data Replication, weren't encrypted in the early going.  Now all that has changed, and for good reason.

Virtualization and the Cloud has launched a new era of data flexibility and vulnerability where businesses can store data wherever they want and essentially on whatever they want.  While Mainframes still hold much of the business-critical data for large institutions, most data analytics and corporate documentation is virtualized On-Prem or in The Cloud.  Secure Point-to-Point circuits have gone the way of the dinosaur and been replaced by the Internet and VPNs.  E-mail adds another target vector for hackers.  Between Internet access and E-mail phishing, how do your protect your sensitive data?

Enter MSSC!!  At MSSC, we comb the industry, constantly, on the lookout for the Best of Breed security and data protection solutions available today.  Whether your needs are Business Continuance, Data Classification, Encryption or End User Security Training, we have your answer.  Please Contact one of our Solutions Experts today to find out more.



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HPE and MSSC...

MSSC is proud to announce we have been added to the NYS OGS contract for all HPE products and can now offer our services directly to the Public Sector!  HPE, our go to partner for cohesive IT solutions, has bolstered their portfolio with the addition of Aruba, Nimble, Simplivity and their partnership with Nutanix.  Their  Synergy solution takes blades to the next level offering unsurpassed scale and management.  Their DL series servers remain the best in the industry for performance, flexibility and security.

We have improved our portfolio:

Vipre:  A proven leader and award winning Endpoint Protection

Malwarebytes:  Always a great free tool, now a leader in EDR

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